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Suns’ fingers crossed of drugs saga

Gold Coast Suns coach Rodney Eade says his fingers are crossed but he can only take players at their word they’re not at risk of being implicated in the cocaine scandal.


The AFL club has so avoided being drawn into the drama which has rocked NRL neighbours the Titans, despite former Suns player Hunt being served with a notice on Friday to appear in court on four counts of drug supply.

Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission alleges Hunt committed the offences during the period of September 1 to October 3, when the Suns claim the 28-year-old Queensland Reds recruit no longer had any link to the club.

He is one of eight people, including five current members of the Titans squad, now facing drug charges as a result of the CCC’s investigation.

Eade said club officials had spoken with the players on Monday, giving them the chance to come forward if they were implicated or felt they could be.

He said none indicated any involvement or concern and he had to accept that.

“We haven’t had any players come forward at this stage,” he said.

“It’s just been business as usual to be honest.

“That’s all you can do with anybody, ask them a question and that’s the way it is.

“It’s fingers crossed. Any sporting team in Australia, male or female, you’re never going to be 100 per cent certain of anything.”

Eade, who arrived as coach after Hunt had left the club, said he was aware several members of the group remained friendly with the code-hopping star.

He said while he didn’t know if players were still in contact with Hunt, it would probably be prudent to stay away from him during the ongoing saga.

“I haven’t spoken in great depth because obviously I don’t know Karmichael, I know a few players are friendly with him,” he said.

“I think he’s well respected and liked at every organisation he’s been with.

“I don’t know if they are (in contact), probably in this scenario you probably would (stop contact), but I’m not aware of that.”


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