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Bird warned over "concerning" tackle

Gold Coast enforcer Greg Bird’s late hit on Newcastle playmaker Jarrod Mullen was deemed a “concerning act” and drew a warning from the match review committee.


Mullen had to be taken from the field after being struck in the back by Bird’s tackle and coach Rick Stone admitted he was still groggy after Sunday’s game, won 20-18 by the Knights.

The incident came after a week of intense scrutiny over late hits and other targeting of playmakers after North Queensland maestro Johnathan Thurston copped a battering from Newcastle’s Beau Scott.

Match review committee co-ordinator Michael Buettner admitted Bird’s hit was a “concerning act” but the panel did not consider it warranted a judiciary charge.

“We’re concerned it was somewhat late and forceful and in this case we’ve decided that’s a concerning act,” Buettner told NRL广西桑拿, on Tuesday.

“When it comes to a concerning act we provide footage to the club, that gets sent to the coaching staff, also with the particulars of the judicial code.

“We outline exactly what the charge could have been and then it’s a follow up phone call from myself to make sure that message is passed on to the player just so we’re made aware of the points that we’re trying to raise with them.”

Buettner said he doesn’t believe there’s been an escalation in playmakers being targeted, although he added players need to do their best to avoid forceful late contact if possible.

“The defensive player, if given the opportunity and has the chance to pull out, then he’s probably best to do so and not make that forceful contact on a player who is in a vulnerable position,” he said.

Buettner also explained Bird wasn’t charged for a lifting tackle on Newcastle’s Joey Leilua earlier in the game as the incident was deemed accidental and not careless.

“If you look at the footage here you’ll note that we have Greg Bird’s head or body across the front of Joseph Leilua, who then fell over in a hurdle-like action,” he said.

“You can see that the actions of Greg Bird, there was certainly no lifting on his part and (Leilua) almost stumbled over Greg Bird.”


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