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AWU to support government’s carbon tax

The country’s largest union says it will support the federal government’s plan to put a price on carbon.


The Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) on Monday said it believes the government has developed a package that ensures jobs won’t be lost under the tax.

“We believe that the government has developed a package which ensures that jobs won’t be lost in emissions intensive, trade-exposed industries as we make the transition to a low carbon future,” AWU national secretary Paul Howes told reporters.

“We said quite rightly and quite proudly that our union would not support a price on carbon that costs the jobs of our members.

“We hold that position today.

“But we believe that the government has delivered a package which addressed the concerns we have.”

The AWU made the announcement after its national leadership met in Sydney on Monday to hear reports and formulate a response to the government’s carbon price plan.

Mr Howes said the AWU had crunched the numbers and there was no economic reason for businesses to lay off workers under the carbon tax, which is due to come into effect next year.

“If they do try and lay off AWU members under this tax … we will name and shame them,” he said.

Mr Howes said the union had gone into negotiations with the government on the tax on the understanding that a carbon price was inevitable in Australia.

But Mr Howes agreed the government’s efforts to sell the tax to voters had not been perfect. “It hasn’t been perfect has it? “Blind Freddy can tell you that,” he said.

The government plans to put a starting price on carbon of $23 a tonne from July 1, 2012, ahead of the introduction of a market-based emissions trading scheme in 2015. The tax will be paid by about 500 of the nation’s biggest polluters.

To help offset the flow-on effects for households and business, the government has announced compensation measures.

The industry measures include $9.2 billion in assistance over the first three years.

About $300 million will be set aside help the steel industry move to clean energy and there will also be $1.3 billion for a Coal Sector Jobs Package.

The AWU represents more than 135,000 workers in various sectors, including the manufacturing, steel, aluminium, construction and oil and gas industries.


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